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Hydraulic 4 Car Storage Parking Lift Quad Stacker

Hydraulic 4 Car Storage Parking Lift Quad Stacker

Hydro-Park 3230


برچسب ها


One of the most compact and reliable solutions. Hydro-Park 3230 offers 4 car parking spaces on the surface of one. The robust structure allows 3000kg capacity on each platform. The parking is dependent, low level car(s) has to be removed before getting the upper one, suitable for car storage, collection, valet parking or other scenarios with attendant. Manual unlock system greatly reduces malfunction rate and prolongs system service life. Outdoor installation is also allowed.

Hydro-Park 3130 and 3230 is the new Stacker Parking Lift designed by Mutrade, and is the most effective way to triple or quadruple the capacity of typical parking areas. Hydro-Park 3130 allows three vehicles to be stacked in a single parking space and Hydro-Park 3230 allows four vehicles. It moves only vertically, so the users have to clear the underneath levels to get the higher level car down. The posts can be shared to save land space and cost.


1.How many cars could be parked for each unit?
     3 cars for Hydro-Park 3130, and 4 cars for Hydro-Park 3230.
2. Could Hydro-Park 3130/3230 be used for parking SUV?
    Yes, the rated capacity is 3000kg per platform, so all kinds of SUVs are available.
3. Can Hydro-Park 3130/3230 be used outdoor?
    Yes, Hydro-Park 3130/3230 is capable for both indoor and outdoor use. The standard finishing is power coating, and hot dip galvanized treatment is optional. When installed indoor, please consider the ceiling height.
4. What is the power supply violated requested?
     For the power of hydraulic pump is 7.5Kw, a 3-phase power supply is necessary.
5. Is the operation easy?
    Yes, there is control panel with key switch and a handle for locking release.

مشخصات فنی

مدل Hydro-Park 3230
Vehicles per unit 4
ظرفیت بالابر 3000kg
Available car height 2000mm
Drive-through width 2050mm
دستگاه تنظیم برق 7.5Kw hydraulic pump
ولتاژ موجود منبع تغذیه 200V-480V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
حالت کاربری کلید کلید
ولتاژ عملکرد 24 ولت
قفل ایمنی Anti-falling lock
رها کردن قفل Manual with handle
زمان افزایش / نزول <150s
به پایان رساندن پوشش پودر


Hydro-Park 3230

A new comprehensive upgrade of Hydro-Park series

*The rated capacity of HP3230 is 3000kg, and the rated capacity of HP3223 is 2300kg.

Porsche required test

Test was made by a 3rd party hired by Porsche for their New York dealershop












MEA approved (5400KG/12000LBS static loading test)











نوع جدیدی از سیستم هیدرولیک ساختار آلمان

طراحی ساختار محصول برتر آلمان از سیستم هیدرولیک ، سیستم هیدرولیک
پایدار و قابل اعتماد است ، مشکلات تعمیر و نگهداری رایگان ، عمر مفید نسبت به محصولات قدیمی دو برابر شده است.





سیستم کنترل جدید طراحی

عمل ساده تر است ، استفاده از آن ایمن تر است ، و میزان شکست 50 کاهش می یابد.









Manual cylinder lock

All-new upgraded security system, really reaches zero accident

*More stable commercial powerpack
Available up to 11KW (optional)

Newly upgraded powerpack unit system with Siemens motor

*Twin motor commercial powerpack (optional)

Galvanized screw bolts based on the European standard

طول عمر بیشتر ، مقاومت در برابر خوردگی بسیار بالاتر

لمس ملایم فلزی ، اتمام سطح عالی
پس از استفاده از پودر AkzoNobel ، اشباع رنگ ، مقاومت در برابر آب و هوا و
چسبندگی آن به طور قابل توجهی افزایش یافته است


Drive through platform


اتصال مدولار ، طراحی ابتکاری ستون مشترک







According to the use of random
combination Unit A + N×Unit B…

برش لیزری + جوشکاری رباتیک

برش دقیق لیزری دقت قطعات را بهبود می بخشد ، و
جوشکاری رباتیک اتوماتیک باعث محکم شدن و زیبایی اتصالات جوش می شود



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