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About Us

About Us


Mutrade Industrial Corp. introduced its mechanical car parking equipment since 2009, and is focusing on developing, designing, manufacturing and installing various car parking solutions to increase more parking spaces in limited garages all over the world. By supplying suitable solutions, reliable products and professional services, Mutrade is supporting customers in over 90 countries, servicing for local government offices, automobiles dealerships, developers, hospitals, and private residentials, etc. Being the famous manufacturer of mechanical car parking equipment in China, Mutrade is committed to continuously supply innovative and excellent products to become the leader in mechanical car parking solution providers.

Qingdao Hydro Park Machinery Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary company and production center built by Mutrade to supply stable and reliable mechanical parking equipment. Advanced technologies, higher quality materials, more precise manufacture processing, stricter quality control is adopted to keep all Mutrade products updated for better user experience.

For all the people who work in the mechanical car parking business, Mutrade, as a reliable and professional partner in China, is the one company you can not miss!