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Strong One-post Car Parking Lift

Strong One-post Car Parking Lift

Hydro-Park 1027




When you need to significantly improve existing parking capacity of your garage with a minimal footprint, the answer could be single post. The compactness of this parking lift is ensured by the support of only one post, which has a reliable self-standing design that does not require wall mounting. SPP-2 is not only the efficiency of increasing parking spaces by 2 times while reducing the occupied space, but also the convenience of the parking process: it is never a problem to open the car door freely.


- Vertical parking lift
- For dependent parking
- Free opening of car doors
- Single unit for 2 cars
- Platform load capacity: 2000kg
- Ground car height: 1750mm
- Usable platform width: 2000mm
- Ramps interchangeable at two directions
- Ideal for applications on corridors and aisles
- Mechanical locks bring superior safety
- Automatic shut-off when operator releases key switch
- 24v control voltage avoids electric shock
- Low maintenance cost
- Surface treatment: powder coating




Model SPP-2
Lifting capacity 2000kg 
Lifting height 1800mm 
Usable platform width 2000mm 
Outer width 2684mm
Application Sedan + Sedan
Power pack 2.2Kw
Power supply 100-480V, 50/60Hz
Operation mode Key switch
Operation voltage 24V
Safety lock Mechanical anti-falling lock
Lock release Electric auto release
Finishing Powdering coating

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