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Double platform scissor type underground car lift

Double platform scissor type underground car lift





The rapid growth in the number of cars causes shortage of parking spaces, making traffic difficult and worsening the quality of living environment. S-VRC-2 is one of the systems that could perfectly solve the issue. It’s dual functional, acting as a parking lift to stack 1 vehicle on top of another; or an elevator to transport vehicles between ground and basement parking floor. Either way, when it folds down, the top platform goes totally invisible and can be covered with suitable pavement to give a sense of order and elegance. 





- Dual functions, independent parking or car transportation

- Possible to décor the top platform and make it disappear

- Optional to lift 2 cars up together

- Overall lifting capacity: up to 6000kg

- Platform size: up to 6000mm long, and 5000mm wide

- Foundation pit is required on all conditions

- Premium safety and simple operation

- Half pre-assembled structure, easy to install

- Fine finishing of powder coating

- Remote control is optional

- Max triple platforms are possible


Design Showcase


VRC (Vertical Reciprocating
Conveyor) is a transportation
conveyor moving car from one
foor to another, it is a highly
customized product, which
could be customized according
to customers’ different requirements
from lifting height, lifting capacity
to platform size!



Double cylinder design

Hydraulic cylinder direct drive system









The ground will be fat after S-VRC descend to bottom position

















Laser cutting + Robotic welding

Accurate laser cutting improves the accuracy of the parts, and
automated robotic welding makes the weld joints more firm and beautiful

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