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NEW! – SAP Smart Single-Post Parking Lift

NEW! – SAP Smart Single-Post Parking Lift





The single-post parking lift with a rotating platform is a new generation of mechanized parking equipment, also known as "non-avoidance parking". The biggest feature is the implementation of independent parking, and at the same time, it can effectively eliminate such drawbacks as parking in reverse to the garage, long waiting times for park and retrieval, and low efficiency. When storing the car, the driver parks the car on the parking platform and the system begins to move, rotate and rise to complete the process, while the lower-level vehicle does not need to move at all.


- Rotate & vertical
- For independent parking
- Single unit for 2 cars
- Platform load capacity: 2000kg
- Ground car height: <1800mm
- Usable platform width 1920mm
- Motor drive with fast lifting speed
- Automatic shut-off when operator releases key switch
- Remote control optional
- Advanced control with PLC program
- Easy access to the parking platform from driving lane



Model SAP
Lifting capacity 2000kg 
Lifting height 1900mm
Usable platform width 1920mm 
Outer width 2475mm 
Application Sedan+SUV
Power pack 2.2Kw
Power supply 100-480V, 50/60Hz
Operation mode Key switch
Operation voltage 24V
Finishing Powdering coating

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