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NEW! – Two Level Wide Deck Scissor Car Parking Lift

NEW! – Two Level Wide Deck Scissor Car Parking Lift

Hydro-Park 5120





The revolutionary Hydro-Park 5120 parking lift is the result of Mutrade continued commitment to developing and delivering effectiveness car parking and storage solutions. HP5120 provides a simple and greatly effective way to create 2 dependent parking spaces above each other, suitable for permanent parking, valet parking, car storage, or other places with attendant. Operation can be easily made on DC 24V operation panel.



- Aesthetic design with cylinders hidden in posts
- Lifting capacity 2000kg
- Car heights on ground up to 1850mm
- Platform width up to 2450mm
- Electric auto lock releasing by electromagenets
- 24v control voltage avoids electric shock
- Galvanized & anti-sleep platform, high-heel friendly
- Automatical balance system with one-stage double cylinders
- No posts erecting after platform shuts down
- Dynamic lock safety featute to protect your vehicle during all aising or lowering process
-  Photocell sensor will stop movement for any accidantial enter of kids or animals
-  Akzo Nobel powder coating provides long lasting surficial protection
-  Sutable for home garage, car dealerships and public parking lots
- Proven high end quality with CE certificate, tested by TUV.



Model Hydro-Park 5120
Lifting capacity 2000kg 
Lifting height 1950mm 
Usable platform width 2286mm 
Outer width 2540mm 
Application SUV+Sedan
Power pack 2.2Kw
Power supply 100-480V, 50/60Hz
Operation mode Key switch
Operation voltage 24V
Safety lock Dynamic anti-falling lock
Lock release Electric auto release
Lifting time <55s
Finishing Powdering coating




Scope of application 

- Permanent parking,
- Valet parking, 
- Car storage
- At home garage,
- Car dealerships
- Public parking lots.
- Other places with attendant.

Project reference

2 cars scissor car parking lift parking stacker garage lift
2 cars scissor car parking lift parking stacker garage stacker
5130 Porsche
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