Hydro-Park 1127 & 1123 : Hydraulic Two Post Car Parking Lifts 2 Levels

Hydro-Park 1127 & 1123 : Hydraulic Two Post Car Parking Lifts 2 Levels

* A new comprehensive introduction of HP1127 & HP1127+




Hydro-Park 1127 & 1123 are the most popular parking stackers, quality proven by more than 20,000 users in past 10 years. They provide a simple and greatly cost-effective way to create 2 dependent parking spaces above each other, suitable for permanent parking, valet parking, car storage, or other places with attendant. Operation can be easily made by a key switch panel on control arm.

- Lifting capacity 2700kg or 2300kg.
- Car heights on ground up to 2050mm.
- Platform width up to 2500mm.
- Lifting height adjustable by limit switch
- Electric auto lock release enables easier operation.
- 24v control voltage avoids electric shock
- Galvanized platform, high-heel friendly
- Bolts & nuts passing 48hrs Salt Spray Test.
- Driven by hydraulic cylinder + Korean lifting chain
- Synchronization chain keeps platform level under all conditions
- Akzo Nobel powder coating provides long lasting surficial protection
- Proven high end quality with CE certificate, tested by TUV.


1、Clear platform width of 2100 mm for car widths of 1850 mm. For large touring sedans we recommend a clear platform width of at least 2300-2500 mm.
2、According to ISO 3864 the floor has to be marked with 100 mm wide yellow-black at a distance of 500 mm from the platform edge by the purchaser (to be performed according to local regulations.)
3、The lowering speed of an empty platform is considerably lower than a loaded one.
4、It is not possible to have channels or undercuts and/or concrete haunches along the floor-to-wall joints. It the event that channels or undercuts are necessary, the system width needs to be reduced or the installation width needs to be wider.
5、The manufacturer reserve the right to construction or model modifications and/or alterations. Furthermore, the right to any subsequent part modification and/or variations and amendments in procedures and standards due to technical and engineering progresses in the art or due to environmental regulation changes, are also hereby reserved.


Model Hydro-Park 1127 Hydro-Park 1123
Lifting capacity 2700kg 2300kg
Lifting height 2100mm 2100mm
Usable platform width 2100mm 2100mm
Power pack 2.2Kw hydraulic pump 2.2Kw hydraulic pump
Available voltage of power supply 100V-480V, 1 or 3 Phase, 50/60Hz 100V-480V, 1 or 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Operation mode Key switch Key switch
Operation voltage 24V 24V
Safety lock Dynamic anti-falling lock Dynamic anti-falling lock
Lock release Electric auto release Electric auto release
Rising / descending time <55s <55s
Finishing Powdering coating Powder coating


Hydro-Park 1127 & 1123

* A new comprehensive introduction of HP1127 & HP1127+

*  HP1127+  is a superior version of HP1127

TUV compliant

TUV compliant, which is the most authoritative certification in the world
Certification standard 2006/42/EC and EN14010











A new type of hydraulic system of German structure

Germany's top product structure design of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system is
stable and reliable, maintenance free troubles, service life than the old products doubled.





*  Available on the HP1127+  version only

New design control system

The operation is simpler, the use is safer, and the failure rate is reduced by 50%.









* Galvanized pallet

Standard galvanizing applied for daily
indoor use 

*  Better galvanized pallet is available on the HP1127+  version







Zero accident security system

All-new upgraded security system, really reaches zero accident with
coverage of 500mm to 2100mm

*More stable electric motors

Newly upgraded power pack unit system



Further intensification of the main structure of the equipment

The thickness of the steel plate and weld increased 10% compared with the first generation products 







Gentle metallic touch, excellent surface finishing
After applying AkzoNobel powder, color saturation, weather resistance and
its adhesion are significantly enhanced

Rich color

Great care is taken with the treatment
of lacquer face, in order to improve
the quality of products on surface
looking to the maximum extent

Strong adhesion

The weather resistance of the spray
powder has better performance under
special technology, which can stand
wear and tear 

Superior chains provided by
Korean chain manufacturer

The life span is 20% longer than that of the Chinese chains 

Galvanized screw bolts based on the 
European standard

Longer lifetime, much higher corrosion resistance


Modular connection, innovative shared column design





According to the use of random combination Unit A + N×Unit B…



Usable measurement

Unit: mm

Laser cutting + Robotic welding

Accurate laser cutting improves the accuracy of the parts, and
automated robotic welding makes the weld joints more firm and beautiful

Unique optional stand-alone stand Suites

Exclusive research and development to adapt to various terrain standing kit, equipment installation is
no longer restricted by the ground environment.
















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