BDP-2 : Hydraulic Automatic Car Parking Systems Solution 2 Floors

BDP-2 : Hydraulic Automatic Car Parking Systems Solution 2 Floors

A new comprehensive introduction of BDP series




BDP-2 is a semi-automatic parking system, developed by Mutrade. The parking space selected is moved to the desired position by means of an automatic control system, and the parking spaces can be shifted vertically or horizontally. Entrance level platforms move horizontally and upper level platforms move vertically, with always one platform less at the entrance level. By swiping the card or input the code, the system automatically moves the platforms in the desired position. To collect a car parked on the upper level, the platforms at the entrance level will first move to one side to provide an empty space into which the required platform is lowered.

BDP-2 mobilizes the existing space by using it the best possible way. It can be used to park two cars on top of each other, and offers space from 5 to 29 cars. A driving lane in front of the full width of the system is required to access all parking spaces, and one vacant space on the entry level allows for horizontal or vertical shifting of all platforms. The access level can be secured by doors which can only be opened once the shifting process is completed. Therefore, cars are protected against theft and vandalism.

1. Could BDP be used outdoor?
Yes. Firstly, the finishing of structure is zinc coating with a better water-proof. Secondly, extra covers could be installed to prevent
from rain, snow, and heavy wind.
2. Could BDP series be used for parking SUV?
BDP series could be customized to t for SUV, for detailed requirements please contact Mutrade sales.
3. What’s the voltage requirement?
The standard voltage should be 380v, 3P. Some local voltages could be customized according to clients' request.
4. Can this product still operate if electricity failure happens?
No, if electricity failure happens often in your place, you have to have a back-up generator to supply power.
5. Can BDP series installed by customer themselves?
If you’re new for our BDP series, we recommend sending our engineer to guide the installation.


Model BDP-2
Levels 2
Lifting capacity 2500kg / 2000kg
Available car length 5000mm
Available car width 1850mm
Available car height 2050mm / 1550mm
Power pack 4Kw hydraulic pump
Available voltage of power supply 200V-480V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Operation mode Code & ID card
Operation voltage 24V
Safety lock Anti-falling frame
Rising / descending time <35s
Finishing Powdering coating


A new comprehensive introduction of BDP series




Galvanized pallet

Standard galvanizing applied for daily 
indoor use





Larger platform usable width

Wider platform allows users to drive cars onto platforms more easily





Seamless cold drawn oil tubes

Instead of welded steel tube, the new seamless cold drawn oil tubes are adopted
to avoid any block inside of tube due to welding





New design control system

The operation is simpler, the use is safer, and the failure rate is reduced by 50%.

High elevating speed

8-12 meters/minute elevating speed makes platforms move to desired
position within half minute, and dramatically reduces user's waiting time







8-12   meters/minute
≤ 30   seconds waiting time (average)

*Anti Fall Frame

Mechanical lock (never brake)

*Electric hook available as an option

*More stable commercial powerpack

Available up to 11KW (optional)

Newly upgraded powerpack unit system with Siemens motor

*Twin motor commercial powerpack (optional)

SUV parking available

The reinforced structure allows 2100kg capacity for all platforms

with higher available height to accommodate SUVs










Overlength, over height, over loading detection protection

A lot of photocell sensors are placed in different positions, the system
will be stopped once any car is over length or height. A car over loading
will be detected by the hydraulic system and not be elevated.











Lifting Gate








Gentle metallic touch, excellent surface finishing
After applying AkzoNobel powder, color saturation, weather resistance and
its adhesion are significantly enhanced


Superior motor provided by
Taiwan motor manufacturer

Galvanized screw bolts based on the European standard

Longer lifetime, much higher corrosion resistance

Laser cutting + Robotic welding

Accurate laser cutting improves the accuracy of the parts, and
automated robotic welding makes the weld joints more firm and beautiful


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