Fully automatic parking systems

Fully automatic parking systems

Speedy parking systems with maximum usage of spaces Fully automatic parking systems developed by Mutrade Industrial adopts high speed lifting system to extremely maximize the usage of limited land and simply the experience of car parking. Automated parking systems do not permit unauthorized personnel to enter, meaning that parked vehicles are totally safe and locked up until their drivers need them, almost eliminating the risk of accident-related damage as well as thieving and vandalism.    Automated Circular Type Parking System Mutrade’s continuous pursuit of functional, efficient and modern-looking equipment has led to the creation of an automated parking system with a streamlined design. Circular type vertical parking system is a fully automated mechanical parking equipment with a lifting channel in the middle and a circular arrangement of berths. Making the most of limited space, the fully automated cylinder-shaped parking system provides not only simple, but also highly efficient and safe parking. Its unique technology ensures a safe and convenient parking experience, reduces parking space, and its design style can be integrated with cityscapes to become a city.   Vertical rotary parking system One of the most space-saving systems that allows you to park up to 16 SUVs or 20 sedans in only 2 conventional parking spaces. The system is independent, no parking attendant is required. By inputting a space code or tapping a pre-assigned card, the system can recognize your platform automatically and find the faster path to deliver your vehicle down to ground, either clockwise or counterclockwise.   Tower parking system High elevating speed up to 120m/min greatly shortens your time of waiting, making it possible to accomplish quickest retrieval in less than two minutes. It can be built as a stand-alone garage or side by side as a comfort parking building. Also, our unique platform design of comb pallet type increases the exchanging speed greatly compared to the complete plate type.  

Automated Mechanical Plane Moving Space Saving Parking System 

Automated Plane Moving Parking System adopts similar principle of paking and system structure like stereoscopic mechnical parking lot. Each floor of the system has a traverser which is responsible for moving the vehicles. Different parking levels are connected to the entrance by the elevator. To store the car, the driver just needs to stop the car at the entrance box and the whole car-accessing process will be done by the system automatically.  

Automated Cabinet Parking System

The revolutionary automated cabinet parking system is the result of Mutrade continued commitment to developing and providing innovative parking and storage solutions.  This system is a highly automated intelligent parking system, which is an electrically powered, mechanized multi-level metal structure designed to accommodate and store vehicles on multiple levels using the principle of lifting, transverse movement and slidng of the car to a parking space on individual metal pallets.