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  • Stacker parking lifts
    Stacker parking lifts

    One of the most cost-effective solutions, easy to install and maintain. Suitable for both home garage and commercial buildings.


  • Car storage lifts
    Car storage lifts

    3-5 levels stack parking solutions, ideal for car storage, car collections, commercial parking lot, or car logistics etc.


  • Lift-slide puzzle systems
    Lift-slide puzzle systems

    Semi-automatic parking systems that integrate Lift & Slide together in a compact structure, offering high-density parking from 2-6 levels.


  • Pit parking solutions
    Pit parking solutions

    Adding extra level(s) in pit to create more parking spaces vertically at existing parking spot, all spaces are independent.


  • Fully automatic parking systems
    Fully automatic parking systems

    Automated parking solutions that utilize robots and sensors to park and retrieve vehicles with minimal human intervention.


  • Car elevators & turntable
    Car elevators & turntable

    Transport vehicles to floors that were hard to reach; or eliminate the need for complex maneuver by rotation.



Whether it is designing and implementing a 2-car house garage or executing a large-scale automated project, our goal is the same – to provide our clients with safe, user-friendly, cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement.



  • Home garage
    Home garage

    Do you have more than one car and you don’t know where to park them and keep them safe from vandalism and bad weather?

  • Apartment buildings
    Apartment buildings

    As it becomes increasingly harder to acquire more land spaces out there, it’s time to look back in and make retrofits to existing underground parking lot to create more possibilities.

  • Commercial buildings
    Commercial buildings

    Parking lots of commercial and public buildings, such as malls, hospitals, office buildings, and hotels, are featured by high traffic flow and a large volume of temporary parking.

  • Car storage facility
    Car storage facility

    As a car dealer or owner of vintage car storage business, you may need more parking space as your business grows.

  • Massive auto storage
    Massive auto storage

    Seaport terminals and fleet warehouses need expansive land areas to temporarily or long-term store a large number of vehicles, which are either exported or transported to distributors or dealers.

  • Car transportation
    Car transportation

    Previously, large buildings and car dealerships required costly and expansive concrete ramps for accessing multiple levels.















    156 Fully Automated Parking Spaces for the Shopping Center Underground Parking

     In the bustling city of ShiJiaZhuang, China, a groundbreaking project is revolutionizing parking at a prominent shopping center. This fully automated three-level underground system features advanced technology, where robotic shuttles optimize space and ensure smooth operations. With 156 parking spaces, state-of-the-art sensors, and precision navigation, the system provides a safe, efficient, and hassle-free parking experience, meeting the demands of this busy city and transforming the way people park their vehicles.


    206 Units of 2-post Parking: Revolutionizing Parking in Russia

    The city of Krasnodar in Russia is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful architecture, and thriving business community. However, like many cities around the world, Krasnodar faces a growing challenge in managing parking for its residents. To address this problem, a residential complex in Krasnodar recently completed a project using 206 units of two-post parking lifts Hydro-Park.


    Mutrade Automated Tower Car Parking System installed in Costa Rica

    The global surge in car ownership is causing urban parking chaos. Thankfully, Mutrade offers a solution. With automated tower parking systems, we save space, allowing for efficient use of land. Our multi-level towers in Costa Rica, serving Amazon’s San Jose call center staff, each accommodate 20 parking spaces. Utilizing just 25% of conventional space, our solution minimizes parking footprint while maximizing efficiency.


    France, Marseille: Solution For Moving Cars At The Porsche Dealership

    In order to preserve the usable area of the store and its modern look, the owner of the Porsche car dealership from Marseilles turened to us. FP- VRC was the best solution for quickly moving cars to different levels. Now on the lowered platform with the level of the floor is being demonstrated car.


    44 Rotary Parking Towers Adding 1,008 Parking Spaces for Hospital Parking, China

    A parking facility near Dongguan People’s Hospital struggled to meet the demands of its over 4,500 employees and numerous visitors, causing significant issues with productivity and patient satisfaction. To address this, the hospital implemented a vertical rotary parking ARP-system, adding 1,008 new parking spaces. The project consists of 44 car-type vertical garages, each with 11 floors and 20 cars per floor, providing 880 spaces, and 8 SUV-type vertical garages, each with 9 floors and 16 cars per floor, offering 128 spaces. This solution effectively alleviates the parking shortage, enhancing both operational efficiency and visitor experience.


    120 Units Of BDP-2 For Porsche Car Dealer, ManhattanNYC

    Porsche Car Dealer in Manhattan, NYC, resolved their parking challenges on limited land with 120 units of Mutrade’s BDP-2 automated car parking systems. These multi-level systems maximize parking capacity, efficiently utilizing the limited land available.


    150 Units of  Puzzle-type Car Parking Systems BDP-2 for Apartment Parking Lot, Russia

    To address the severe shortage of parking spaces at an apartment building in Moscow, Mutrade installed 150 units of BDP-2 puzzle-type automated car parking systems. This implementation significantly transformed the modern parking experience, providing an efficient and innovative solution to the parking challenges faced by residents.


    Car Showcase with 4 & 5-level Car Stackers for Nissan and Infiniti in the USA

    Utilizing our 4-post hydraulic vertical car stacker, our client crafted a multi-level vehicle showcase at the Nissan Automobile Center in the USA. Witness its impressive design! Each system provides 3 or 4 car spaces, with a platform capacity of 3000kg, accommodating a wide range of vehicle types.


    976 Parking Spaces with Quad Stackers in The Terminal of the Peru Seaport

    At ne of South America’s largest seaports in Callao, Peru, hundreds of vehicles arrive daily from manufacturing countries worldwide. The Quad Car Stacker HP3230 offers an effective solution to the increasing demand for parking spaces due to economic growth and limited space. By installing 244 units of 4-level car stackers, the car storage capacity has expanded by 732 cars, resulting in a total of 976 parking spaces at the terminal.




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    01 THE CHALLENGE Addressing the unique challenges of long-term storage for heavy-duty vehicles required a thoughtful approach. These challenges included maximizing car-storage capacity within limited indoor garage space, accommodating the weight and size variations of heavy-duty vehicles, and...